mode of action of omeprazole and ibuprofen Story about a trip to Hungary, Budapest. Grand Prix

mode of action of omeprazole and ibuprofen

Photo Competition Grand Prix Formula 1. Hungaruring

Now, about why we even went to Hungary. Formula 1. The excitement of hundreds of thousands of people, passion, the roar of engines, sharp pain in the ears, malformations betting Muravina chaos of people who have some sort of meaning ...

Ill start with the fact that about Formula 1, I knew before that only one - this is just what it stands for Michael Schumacher And what is Senna. . My first question is where is the Schumacher evoked laughter, he was already retired. I had to keep silent and not ask the second question: "Show where Sennas car ...

It turned out that not infected passion and understand that either in this commotion just not possible. At Hungaruring arrived 200 thousand people. Arrived from all over Europe. There were many Germans, more Poles. In a traffic jam that formed before the arrival of the machines were almost all the rooms of the EU. (Prior to the route had to travel 30 kilometers from Budapest)

Some tracks were official pavilions teams that sold souvenirs. However, it is quite expensive. Cheapest cap costs 40 euros, T-shirts and T-shirts - from 60 euros. While off-track are completely accessible tents that sell Chinese counterparts. In the pavilions presented and fireballs commands, which could be photographed, but they quickly then zachehlili.

Tickets for the gold podium where we sat were worth 300 euros, but the ticket is not only the Grand Prix and qualifications and a bunch of different jokes that three days before the Grand Prix played out on the track

Many were very cheap tickets, at the place where almost nothing is visible, and therefore they had to stand near the fence, EFredvaritelno captured the place and staked him with a blanket. As many apparently came back to the night.

All hotels in the city were inhabited by the staff teams. Each team consists of Formula 500 specialists, engineers, attendants, etc. They migrate with the team. Some hotels around the clock were the girls who threw themselves on the team members and fotkal with them and took his autograph.

Photographers who work on the track, go with unusual bandura over his shoulder. This is a professional camera, enables you to take a car driving at a speed exceeding 300 km / h. A simple camera is very difficult to catch the car.

We sat on the stand quite close to the cars and I rashly came running in his place and becoming the pictures, I realized that I could not continue to stay there because of the roar of machinery itching ears, brain and sick. I had to run for earplugs, what would stop his ears and his companions.

Actually it was difficult to understand what is happening on the track is not well-informed person. Why then periodically 200 thousand people standing up and yelling. Well, I, too, up to heap too, jumped up and yelled. But what exactly happened on the track I have read and deal only in the Internet in the evening in the hotel. And it turned out that race was really a very dramatic and emotional.

Weve gone right after the victory Kovalainen very wisely did - the guys who stayed on the award, traveled to Budapest for 6 hours.

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