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mode of action of omeprazole and ibuprofen Story about a trip to Hungary, Budapest. Grand Prix

mode of action of omeprazole and ibuprofen

Photo Competition Grand Prix Formula 1. Hungaruring

Now, about why we even went to Hungary. Formula 1. The excitement of hundreds of thousands of people, passion, the roar of engines, sharp pain in the ears, malformations betting Muravina chaos of people who have some sort of meaning ...

Ill start with the fact that about Formula 1, I knew before that only one - this is just what it stands for Michael Schumacher And what is Senna. . My first question is where is the Schumacher evoked laughter, he was already retired. I had to keep silent and not ask the second question: "Show where Sennas car ...

It turned out that not infected passion and understand that either in this commotion just not possible. At Hungaruring arrived 200 thousand people. Arrived from all over Europe. There were many Germans, more Poles. In a traffic jam that formed before the arrival of the machines were almost all the rooms of the EU. (Prior to the route had to travel 30 kilometers from Budapest)

Some tracks were official pavilions teams that sold souvenirs. However, it is quite expensive. Cheapest cap costs 40 euros, T-shirts and T-shirts - from 60 euros. While off-track are completely accessible tents that sell Chinese counterparts. In the pavilions presented and fireballs commands, which could be photographed, but they quickly then zachehlili.

Tickets for the gold podium where we sat were worth 300 euros, but the ticket is not only the Grand Prix and qualifications and a bunch of different jokes that three days before the Grand Prix played out on the track

Many were very cheap tickets, at the place where almost nothing is visible, and therefore they had to stand near the fence, EFredvaritelno captured the place and staked him with a blanket. As many apparently came back to the night.

All hotels in the city were inhabited by the staff teams. Each team consists of Formula 500 specialists, engineers, attendants, etc. They migrate with the team. Some hotels around the clock were the girls who threw themselves on the team members and fotkal with them and took his autograph.

Photographers who work on the track, go with unusual bandura over his shoulder. This is a professional camera, enables you to take a car driving at a speed exceeding 300 km / h. A simple camera is very difficult to catch the car.

We sat on the stand quite close to the cars and I rashly came running in his place and becoming the pictures, I realized that I could not continue to stay there because of the roar of machinery itching ears, brain and sick. I had to run for earplugs, what would stop his ears and his companions.

Actually it was difficult to understand what is happening on the track is not well-informed person. Why then periodically 200 thousand people standing up and yelling. Well, I, too, up to heap too, jumped up and yelled. But what exactly happened on the track I have read and deal only in the Internet in the evening in the hotel. And it turned out that race was really a very dramatic and emotional.

Weve gone right after the victory Kovalainen very wisely did - the guys who stayed on the award, traveled to Budapest for 6 hours.

obqi action plan for indicators home health A story about a trip to Israel, Jerusalem. The glorious

obqi action plan for indicators home health

That is really a pilgrimage happened ... directly from

Start again. This tour took in a street agency Luna Rosa. It turned out almost twice cheaper than my tur.operatora. Last heard, and was very offended. He began to tell, as I risked (type without insurance), etc. In fact, we rode 3 buses together through the territory of Egypt: Luna Rosa, TezTur and even some agency (do not remember). The territory

Our people have accepted the agency (different), but there we rode together on the same route, and dined in the same restaurant, and merchandised in the same stores ... So, for me, so everything was the same. It is equally interesting.

The important point! For this tour, the group is made one-day Israeli visa. Cost $ 20 per person. When buying an excursion, be sure to specify whether the visa is included in the price. For registration

Agency requires a lead time of 2-3 days. Keep that in mind when you plan your excursions. Thats me in the fact that if you go to Sharm for a week, you have to immediately attend to tour, or physically can not have enough time (visits 2 times a week, plus a reserve of 3 days on a visa).

So. We leave late at night. Although we took from the hotel at 20-30 pm, but large buses formed only at midnight. There is a formation at the site at gas station somewhere between the airport and Naama Bay. For 2 hours of waiting and the formation of groups managed to breathe gasoline vapors, diesel exhaust, managed to drink coffee (shop at a gas station) and tired with running the toilet for 2 Desimi (Egyptian pound). Thats where we really needed them! those pounds! The toilet without them nothing! It is certainly possible and give the dollar, but to receive the surrender without a knowledge of Arabic - is deemed uncollectible. My small vocabulary and "arrogant" head helped get delivery even with the dollar! and even at the rate of 5! Most artistic success.

So, around midnight, left. The drivers were driving so that in 2-30 nights we were at the border crossing at Taba. Then we understood why such a hurry ... When 3 oclock spent in the queue on the Israeli side. The Egyptian side were very quickly. But on the Israeli lingered ... And no wonder: the Israelis are very serious approach to border control. Especially with Egypt. Mindful of the Seven Days War.

In fact, crossing the border looks like. Night. In the neutral zone (the Egyptian side) formed a queue of tourists. Approximately 200-300 people: several buses arrived at once. First Israeli position. It is a pretty young girl in a flak jacket, with a portable radio and ultrasound. Skip the small parties. Man 7-8. Clear why: the room is small.

We fall into the premises of customs control. 2 Corridor: green and red. As a young girl on each corridor. Personally everyone asking questions: Where are you going, how much, if all your belongings with you, did not convey whether those things with you friends in Israel, do you have any weapons, explosives and drugs. It is understandable why the queue is moving so slowly. By the way, joking when answering the questions is not recommended. Girls customs see everything very seriously. So, a joke can turn into an additional screening and delays throughout the queue. For some unknown to us featured girls shared tourists: some start up on the green corridor without being checked, and some of the red. That is, things through X-ray apparatus themselves through the frame, in general, everything is as it should be ... Personally, I was lucky: got into a green corridor. And his wife - no: go on red. The result - in the next drive before passport control waited for her for half an hour.

The next stage - passport control. Works several officers, but it still turns slowly, because they find out the name of each agency, review the lists, compared with the original copy of the passport, and only then put the stamp. All this with a smile, but some tourists checked several times ... As a result, at the boundary spent 2,5 hours. This is normal ... Sometimes much longer. So do not forget about the toilets! It is advisable to go for the first time the Egyptian passport control (no one knows when will get on the Israeli side), and later in the drive before an Israeli passport (next WC will be in the best case only 3 hours). At the same time feel the difference between Egyptian and Israeli toilets.

Finally, by 6 oclock in the morning, we have also in the bus on the Israeli side:

city of Eilat. You are greeted with Russian guides. Very friendly. Our former all ... Probably bored, so friendly. We leave to

Dead Sea (all the same road to Jerusalem passes him). Just a light, until we arrived. We watched the sunrise over the Dead Sea. Beautifully. Even very beautiful. Moreover, on the other side of the Sea - Jordan: excellent vision of their bank. While seemingly the same Sinai, as in Egypt.

And here we at once take into circulation: SPA center, locker rooms, bathing, cosmetics store on the minerals of the sea (there for you and discounts and gifts, and other joys of "specially for you"). Even me, resistant to marketing techniques, then twisted the same dollars to 50 ... There is a cafe and work. But the price - just breakdown: a cup of coffee about 7.5 dollars. Therefore, do not be lazy, and take with them from Egypt food. Who took it, ate it right there in the cafe. It is not forbidden. And after passing the border you definitely hungry!

After about an hour stay at the Dead Sea, we left the spa center and drove in the direction of Jerusalem. This is where the fun began: we plunged into the history and moved about 6 thousand years ago (thanks to our guide). Remember the Biblical legend of Sodom and Gomorrah? So, it was all on the shore of the Dead Sea, about where we swam ...

Generally, the feeling of this whole trip amazing! Living History ... And how was all this (I mean nature) then, as it is now and will be later. And here we are fussing about, run around like cockroaches on the plates of eternity ... Okay, it was a digression.

On the road to Jerusalem, Mossad saw the fortress built by King Herod (of course, where the name of the Israeli intelligence?). Saw and Bedouin encampment. Exactly the same as in Egypt. Civilization apparently does not affect their lifestyle. I understand that in Egypt and in Israel they somehow stand out. Government will not touch them, do not interfere with life. According to rumors, a Bedouin are a lot of money. It seems to be their main occupation - transportation of drugs. It may lie, but maybe not. Otherwise, why no one touches, and with them not to quarrel?

We arrived in Jerusalem. First of all, took us to the observation deck near the Jewish University. City - in full view. Wherever you look - ancient history: the cornerstone of the universe, the Church "Russian pencil, the Garden of Gethsemane, Temple Mount ... Not list all ... As if he got in the Bible.

After viewing platform - rather to the Wailing Wall (while other tourists do not come running). Place amazing. While I am not a Jew, but near the wall tears were pouring out. Perhaps this energy is concentrated in 5 thousand years ...

Then the walking tour (almost running) on the old commercial galleries of ancient Jerusalem. In my opinion, these galleries below ground level (this was the impression). As if the city under the city. And it seems nothing has changed in the past 2 thousand years: the Arab neighborhoods, Jewish, Christian ... Ancient trade rows. They trade now.

Generally, the impression that people live in Jerusalem, of all nationalities, and very well together. I caught myself feeling that I feel in these ancient places are very comfortable and quiet. As if came home after a hard day. I asked then others: nearly all of approximately the same feeling ...

Then there was the temple of the Holy Sepulcher. Unfortunately, all running ... And this despite the fact that the tourists were on this date much. In this temple as many places that want to see! And time is very limited. If you want to have time to see a lot, I recommend at least a pause in the passage of excursions to see the neighboring chapels and niches. The temple is very large at the apparent compactness. And has the chapels of various denominations (I think it is a chapel and a Muslim). Although in general, the Orthodox Church. Duty priests speak in Russian. We are pleased to answer questions.

If youre lucky, you get to the Sepulcher. This is such a chapel inside the church, which stands just above the cave where Jesus placed after removal from the cross. It was there, and lit on Easter holy fire. He is there constantly burning near the Sepulcher entire year before the new Passover. From him the candles can ignite. Bundles of candles (for 33 units. In tandem) are sold near the temple. Bunch of paraffin candles is worth $ 1. Wax - expensive. I recommend to buy candles here. In the ranks of the trade on the approach to the temple. While the guide says not to buy. Then the guide took us to the store (get the commission), where we bought the same thing, but exactly 3 times more expensive.

During the tour the temple with my digital camera have strange things happen: it stopped working, then back on ... In general, the mysticism of some sort. The result - very few shots turned out. Inside the Temple in general, only 1 frame.

After the Holy Sepulcher went to Bethlehem, that is, to the birthplace of Christ. As it turned out, Bethlehem begins immediately for Jerusalem, BUT! already in the Palestinian Authority. That is, behind the wall (they are there now built a wall like Berlin: dissociated ourselves from the Palestinians). And entering the autonomy of disabled citizens of Israel. That is, guides some tricks come up, and very much afraid of checking the documents of the Palestinian checkpoint. We have for example, entered the Palestinian area from the 2 nd attempt. First arrived at the checkpoint, and there is a lot of military vehicles, and all check documents. The driver quickly opened the bus and went through some gullies to the city dump. And there, between the mountains of garbage we made their way in the Palestinian sector. Probably the wall there is not yet built, or even build will not (probably dump a total).

In the Palestinian sector, in Bethlehem, we had dinner in a restaurant, and then not buy in the gift shop. All this, and still owns a hotel near one master. His name is Nissan. Perhaps they have a very dear person, as our guide would often say local, that we are guests of Nissan. Then they did not pester us.

After dinner we went to the Church of the Nativity. She stands on the very same cave where the Virgin Mary gave birth to Christ. The Church is not as well known as the Jerusalem holy sites, but no less ancient and interesting. Were protected by the Crusaders. In any case, there is an amazing aura. Each stone is breathing holy antiquity. You just physically feel it. There, even the smell of antiquity, and no incense. Although the church now belongs to the Armenian Orthodox community, but there come all denominations. And there is even a small iconostasis, belonging to the Russian church, with Russian icons. There, right in the cave where Christ was born, we have devoted our souvenirs, water, candles, and in general - that someone was.

After visiting the church - have gone home to Egypt. Again, by the Dead Sea. They stayed there for 40 minutes. Some even swim. And again in the way - in Eilat: at the border. We arrived there around 7 oclock. Quite tired and zonked on the amount of information and the number we visited the holy places.

Reverse border crossing was 3 times faster, and at 9 pm we went to Sharm. Finally, toward midnight, tired but satisfied pioneers have returned home. And even ate a late dinner, which brought us directly into the room (do not forget to order it at the reception desk when you go on tour. This is a free service hotel).

Awareness of what he saw on this trip came the next day. And we ourselves are astonished by his own heroism and the fact that these are the type pilgrims.

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